Zeus recently got naked



Naked Paleo, run by the powerhouse couple, Jen and Blake, hit the shelves 5 years ago with one paleo bar. Targeting those who are looking for a ‘no-nasties’, on the go, nutritious and delicious snack. 5 years on, they have not only grown their business but also their product line with a total of: 7x flavoured paleo bars and 3x Mylk infusion latte powders.


They recently reach out to us and asked for us to work on their packaging design for their two, newest flavour editions (choc-cherry and choc-orange paleo bars) and for their retail display box. The brief for the paleo bars was to create colourful packaging that complimented and utilised their current design and reflected the flavours of the new paleo bars. The brief for the retail box was to re-work the current design, to include hand drawn illustrations, representing ingredients used across their whole range of paleo bars. Our creative team presented three different concepts to Naked Paleo and we are delighted to show you what they chose.



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